Warranty & Quick Start Guide

Our Warranty: Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Air Cleaners Inc guarantees the Clean Air Curtain will be free from material defects and perform to your complete satisfaction for a period of one (1) year from ship date, or we will replace it free of charge. If you are still not satisfied following the replacement, we will pay to ship the unit back and refund your full purchase price.

Quick-Start Guide

What’s in the box:

  • One (1) Clean Air Curtain, weighing approximately 30 pounds and measuring approximately 24” x 12” x 8”; and,
  • One (1) six-foot power cable.

Step One: Place your Clean Air Curtain on a stable, dry, indoor surface.

  • The Clean Air Curtain is most effective near the middle of the room, or centrally located to provide the most rapid & uniform cleaning effect on the largest area.
  • Place the unit near people and in the breathing zone: between 3’ and 6’ above the floor. Floor placement is acceptable, but not as good as in the breathing zone.
  • Ensure the surface provides enough stability for the weight and size of the unit.
  • Do not use in damp, wet or oily environments.
  • If you need help with location, ask us!

Step Two: Connect the power cable to the unit and then to a grounded (3-prong) outlet.

  • Do not modify the power cable in any way.
  • Extension cords are not recommended.

Step Three: Turn the unit on and let it work quietly in the background.

  • Send us your pics or short videos of the unit in use!
  • Send to: pics@aircleanersinc.com.

Your Clean Air Curtain is now providing The Cleanest Air Humanly PossibleTM

Use it when people are present; turn it off when the room is empty.

Questions? Comments? We love to hear from you!

Call us at 833-345-8724 or send us an email: info@aircleanersinc.com