Indoor Air Health & Safety Compliance Services

Our service helps companies
meet the EPA's new
Clean Air In Buildings Challenge

We also help you meet ASHRAE's national standard:
Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (ASHRAE/ANSI 62.1 - 2019)

Indoor Air Health & Safety Compliance ServicesConference Room After (896 kb)
With proper ventilation—including the use of HEPA filters—risks are reduced.
You may even decide you don’t need a mask!

The Air Cleaners Inc team is also available to act in the role of Owner's Representative.
This allows you to benefit from our knowledge and experience to manage risk and cost.

We will act on your behalf as you consider and manage projects and vendors.


Our services include

  • Measurement of fresh air intake volumes
  • Measurement of airflows in all specified rooms
  • Measurement and inspection of all supply air handling units (AHUs)
  • Functional inspection of all control systems
  • Full inspection of supply and return air diffusers
  • A complete report with Observations & Recommendations: provides a Roadmap and a Shopping List
  • Owner's representative for any remediation, commissioning or preventive maintenance projects
  • OPTIONAL: a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) airflow model for specified rooms.

    For rooms or buildings without central HVAC, air parameters and room geometry will be analyzed to provide guidance for achieving high-quality indoor air

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We Help You Meet The “62.1” Indoor
Air Quality Standard

Complete analysis and management of design and/or modifications to meet ASHRAE 62.1. Includes:

  • Measurement of air flows at all air inlets and outlets for all specified rooms
  • Measurement of fresh air inlet air flows to all air handling and/or conditioning devices
  • Analysis of observed air change rates relative to ASHRAE 62.1 standard for indoor air quality
  • Recommendations for clients on steps needed to achieve indoor air compliance with the ASHRAE 62.1 standard
  • Certificate of Compliance for buildings that meet the ASHRAE 62.1 standard.