Why Are We Here?

We are Dedicated to the Improvement of Air Quality in the Built Environment

Our Mission: Improving the health and safety of people inside the built environment and building a defense against future risks.

Founded by a team of dedicated air flow experts with years of experience designing Clean Rooms & Data Centers using Airflow Modeling

Our Goal: use airflow modeling experience to develop superior air cleaning products and services that reduce the risks associated with poor indoor air quality, including airborne pathogen transmission, asthma & allergies.

Our Solutions: greatly reduce the likelihood of airborne transmission of all pathogens--including COVID-19 & the common cold--and follow the design guidance set by the ASHRAE Standards Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality.

Why Are We Here?
Why Are We Here?

The Clean Air Curtain

This product didn't exist... so we invented it

This revolutionary indoor air quality product combines the proven combination of HEPA filtration--exactly the same as that used in semi-conductor clean rooms--with UVGI to create a “trap and kill” approach to eradicating pathogens in the air.

Clean air is discharged from the device in a high-speed vertical “curtain” of air, providing additional benefits to room occupants.Not only does the Air Curtain provide separation between air spaces in a room, it also rapidly--and uniformly--reduces the concentration of airborne pathogens in the room.

Who are we?

Paul Bemis, President and CEO

As the President and CEO of Air Cleaners Inc, Paul Bemis brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team with over 30 years of involvement in the high technology market.

Paul's unique background and education provides an exceptional basis for the pursuit of new and creative ways to solve complex engineering simulation problems.

With an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering (UNH), and graduate degrees in both Electrical Engineering, and Business (Northeastern), Paul is well positioned to understand both the technical aspects of product development and predict the market opportunity created by changes in technology.

While at Apollo Computer Inc. and Hewlett Packard Inc., Paul was heavily involved in the development and market success of high-performance computing systems used in markets such as medical imaging, structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, seismic interpretation, and automotive design.

His subsequent move into the software industry as the Vice President of Marketing for both ANSYS and Fluent continued to expand his knowledge of markets and opportunities in the engineering simulation marketplace.

Today Paul is applying his knowledge and experience and knowledge to Air Cleaners Inc, which provides both air cleaning products and CFD modeling services to improve indoor air quality.

Paul is a President-Elect of the Granite State ASHRAE committee and a member of the ASHRAE TC 9.9 and TC 90.4 Technical Committees.

Chris Ames, Co-Founder & COO

Chris Ames has decades of experience working with mission-critical facilities and data center infrastructure & systems.

He has served as trusted advisor to dozens of mission-critical-sector clients including hospitals, military, national security, finance, and federal, state and county security and emergency services organizations.

From 2006-2016 he worked with Liebert/Emerson Network Power and leading power/cooling airflow companies supporting critical operations.

In 2006, working with the CoolSim platform (prior to Paul’s purchase!)—Chris modeled and analyzed the airflow for what became the Data-Center-In-A-Row—proving its efficacy and unique value—and providing the basis for its purchase by industry leader Liebert/Emerson Network Power. He has continued to work with CoolSim, applying its powerful airflow modeling and analysis for the design, upgrade and problem-solving in data centers and critical facilities.

During this period, Chris performed detailed analysis of air flow, temperature, power, reliability and resiliency for large and small clients around the country.

In 2003, Chris was part of the founding team of the battery technology start-up Enersafe, working to ensure data center technology was protected from power failures and fluctuations, following his tenure as the Executive Director of the International Battery Manufacturers Association (IBMA).

Chris’ decades of work in air quality, power, stored energy (batteries), energy, and solar applications have also included consulting projects directing the analyst team for a leading international solar+storage consultancy—working with the whole solar value chain around the world—and directing the team designing and producing the world’s first electric trolley as part of the founding team of Electric Vehicles International.

Chris began his career as a researcher/analyst and editor for Washington, DC-based Information Resources Inc. in the areas of energy and fuel impacts on air quality.

Recognizing the need for clear and useful communication of complex engineering and science concepts he then created New Vision Communications with his wife and partner Rainie. They produced the ground-breaking 15-part national prime-time live public television series Man, Energy & The Environment—featuring interactive connections with staff and students at MIT, Stanford, Duke, Penn State, UT Austin, University of Washington, University of Hawaii, University of Oklahoma, University of SW Louisiana and programs from WETA and Reuters studios in Washington, DC.

New Vision also developed, created and produced the PBS Special Presentation Treasures of the Library of Congress.

Chris has a combination of technical expertise, research and communications experience that is critical to the understanding of complex large-scale engineering and technical challenges, and the creation & implementation of solutions.

He began his education in the fields of chemical engineering and operations research at Hobart College, and moved to the State University of New York at Binghamton to study communications and journalism.

His work has been awarded by the White House and “recommended for viewing” by the National Education Association.