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Why is The CLEAN AIR Curtain the best air filter available?

The Clean Air Curtain cleans The Air That We Share to "Clean Room" standards, providing The Cleanest Air Humanly Possible —continuously—for UP TO FIVE YEARS without a filter change.

REMOVES ALL (99.995%) of:

  •  airborne particulates
  •  aerosols
  •  mold
  •  pollen
  •  pollution
  •  dust
  •  dander
  •  & powder
  • no matter how small—that pass into the Medical-Grade HEPA Filter, which captures them and then continuously removes any new ones.
  •  “Best In Class” supply velocity: 2,500 Feet Per Minute!

No other product even comes close! CONFIRMED by Independent Laboratory Testing (ask us who)

which leads to:

1. “Best In Class” room air mixing

Our high-velocity Clean Air supply moves ALL the air in a room, mixing clean air with unfiltered air, which REDUCES RISK by reducing concentration;


2. “Best In Class” RECAPTURE INDEX—Less Than 4%

We use ALL of the Clean Air supply—and reduce risk FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY.

  •  “Best In Class” filter life—FIVE YEARS, No Filter Replacement Needed
  •  “Best In Class” Clean Air Delivery Rate per Watt — “CADR/W” (140 CFM/0.7 W)
  •  APPROVED BY the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  •  As RECOMMENDED by the US EPA, the US CDC and ASHRAE—the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
  •  UL Listed

Designed by Clean Room and Data Center experts with decades of experience modeling air flows in all types of rooms.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE to perform as specified. For individuals, offices, commercial and other locations.

Partnership: AASA, The School Superintendents Association
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  • Dr. Joan Kirschner
    “We are thrilled to be one of the first recipients of these new Clean Air Curtains. We have deployed several of them at our practice. It is an investment we are pleased to make on behalf of our patients and staff’s safety”. Computer simulations performed on behalf of Plymouth General Dentistry showed a 95% risk reduction in airborne pathogen transmission with the Clean Air Curtains in place.
    Dr. Joan Kirschner
    Plymouth General Dentistry
  • Dr. Sam Sanzone
    Having a leased space for my chiropractic practice there are built-in limitations to any improvements I could make to my ventilation system to improve air quality. The addition of the Clean Air Curtain is the perfect solution. What first attracted me to this device is that I would be using the same technology used in hospital operating rooms. The enhanced circulation and air flow in my workspace is palpable and I am confident I am now providing a safer, healthier environment which is appropriate for this health care facility.
    Personal note from Dr. Sanzone: “If you have any potential customers I am free to speak w/ them and answer any questions regarding my experience w/ the product."
    Dr. Sam Sanzone
    Doctor’s Office in New Hampshire
  • School in NYC
    Last week the whole school had to respond to a COVID case brought in by a related services provider, who tested positive following the visit. We worked with the NYC Department of Health, contained it, and continued to follow our stringent protocols. Your Clean Air Curtain units were on 'full throttle'—as they always are; and we were very appreciative! Other than the related service provide, no other staff member or child contracted COVID. We are very thankful for this result and value the Clean Air Curtains, cleaning the air that we share and continuously reducing our risk.
    School in NYC
    Air curtain in every room

Technical details

Based on the 2500 Series Clean Air Curtain with UVGI


Who are we?

We are Dedicated to the Improvement of Air Quality in the Built Environment

Founded by a team of dedicated air flow experts with years of experience designing Clean Rooms & Data Centers using Airflow Modeling

Our Goal: use airflow modeling experience to develop superior air cleaning products that reduce the likelihood of airborne pathogen transmission.

Our Solutions: greatly reduce the likelihood of airborne transmission of all pathogens--including COVID-19 & the common cold--and follow the design guidance set by the ASHRAE Standards Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality.

Sample Uses

Our high-velocity clean
air plume combines with

A State of the Art HEPA Filter that captures 99.995% of ALL particles that pass through it, including COVID-19, Influenza, Common Cold etc.

Ultra-Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UV-C UVGI) which kills all captured virus particles within seconds

Rapidly and uniformly cleans the air in a room leaving no lingering clouds of noxious particles or aerosols
Protects AGAINST person-to-person infections by pushing air UP and AWAY instead of sideways or downwards

Scroll down to see how rapidly the AIR CURTAIN drops the risk of infection between two closely sitting people.

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